So my friend Faust has posted on his blog, where he lists ten things he likes that started with the letter ā€œSā€, and he bequeathed me the letter G (apparently it was in his employ for a short while):

1. Gerard – (emphasis on the first syllable), b/c it’s my SO’s middle name.

2. Gold – b/c I’m a pirate and it looks good dangling from parts of my body.

3. Gotham – b/c I love my city dearly, and I know what it’s like to miss it.

4. Google – who are we kidding here? I freaking love what it does for my life.

5. Glycolic acid – b/c it is a wonder tonic for my skin. Ladies, if you want skin as soft as velvet, products with glycolic acid are what you should be looking for.

6. Garlic – b/c it makes life more delicious.

7. Grad school – b/c I love being in school.

8. Gateau – who doesn’t like French cakes?

9. Gandalf – yup, I’m a fan of his mysterious greyness.

10. Gemina (Legio XIII) – b/c who knows what would have happened to me if Caesar hadn’t crossed the Rubicon?


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January 13, 2009

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